The CEE Perspective Association is a non-profit, apolitical and non-governmental association.

The CEE Perspective Association was founded in 2022 to represent the interests of firms operating in central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in EU financial services policy.

The Association wishes to express the challenges that the CEE region is facing in terms of handling the initiatives conducted at the EU, regional and domestic levels in terms of development, regulation, payments, digitalization, fintech and much more.


Expressing the perspective of CEE countries on financial services

Our aim is to represent the viewpoints of CEE countries on financial services at the European and international level. By doing so, we ensure that the interests of these countries are taken into account in policy-making and regulatory discussions.

Organizing educational and scientific forums, conferences and events

We play an important role in organizing events that bring together key stakeholders concerned with policy work in the financial sector and macroeconomic developments. These events provide a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration among industry experts, policymakers, and academics.

Advocating for an increasingly integrated single market for banking and financial services

We advocate for an increasingly integrated single market for banking and financial services in the CEE region. This includes promoting initiatives that increase cross-border trade, investment, and financial flows, and remove barriers to market entry and competition.

Promoting sustainable development in the CEE region

We are committed to promoting sustainable development in the CEE region within the European Union and internationally. This includes supporting initiatives that promote economic growth, job creation, and social welfare while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

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